Lathrop Road. Plainfield, CT 

January 21,22&23

This is one turn off the highway and worth a trip from Norwich. This house has a lot of crafting and sewing items including a handful of newer sewing machines, furniture, tools, military,  and vintage household. There are three outdoor sheds with mowers, old chainsaws and stuff.  A nice set of craftsman tools. A basement with many boxes.  A lot of new and useful household items and supplies. many printers and electronic items. Old quad stereo system. Old radio scanners and walkie talkies, ect  I will post another round of pictures. Click below to see the first set of pictures. It may snow for sunday so come early in the weekend. This is a fun one. 

February  18,19,20 Yantic, CT 

This is a pretty victorian house with some vintage and antique items. I did see a player piano, some old rock records in the basement and a collection of cobalt blue glass.  A good mix of items with something for everyone.  We will post some pictures soon.

We have two more big sales lined up for the spring. Check back for details. 


We would like to thank all the wonderful people who come to our sales. Thank you! 



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